Bob Jones Prophecy


MARCH 12, 1999 PART 1

This prophecy went out over Marion before. Zeigler and Marion this area in here. They're like three places coming together. And these prophecies have never come to pass, because they were conditional, and because of ambition and jealousy between the fellowships in there. They've never laid 'em down, and totally surrendered and come to their end, and come together and begin to minister to Him. These prophecies are still Yea and Amen. It'll begin in Zeigler.

This place, Marion Illinois is known as a prison. God wants a prison break, and the captives set free. They'll be those that overcome their own ambition...feel a wind coming on this... And all people in there have to do is surrender. Surrender and they get out of jail. Give up their ambition and their competitive spirit, their envy and their jealousy, and come together in weakness and prayer. The Spirit of God will anoint the praise, the prophesy and bring you into new levels. For He means to have His - He's going to build Him a place there, that'll shine all the way to Paducah, and to Saint Louis. And He's been waiting for people that would just get weak enough to do it His way. And so people have gone in there and they've failed and they've failed and they've failed, 'cause, "I'm gonna build it." They aren't commanded to build it. He'll build His church. We're but called to come and minister to Him, in praise and intercession.

So, Lord.. (Bob spoke to us) .. All that's with you, how many is with you? (one of us answered, "Six. If, then Bob prayed) Take your hands. Lord, faith has been chained in Marion. The devil has had faith chained up. I relieve the shackles from their feet. And I speak to the faith within, "You come forth! Spirit man, you come forth! And let faith come forth in this area! For this area is called to go a hundred and fifty miles in every direction. And let it come forth again. And let LOVE come forth AGAIN! Springing forth even as the dawn springs forth. And let LOVE be that which breaks forth just like the brother's song, 'let the banner over these areas be love.' And let them begin to join together in a circle as they are joined together now. And in a circle, see there's no great ones, brother. There's no leaders. There's only those that are praying. Let them come together in a circle and join up with others, so that salvation, a new liberty and a freedom to touch this area and this town. And Lord, I do break the spoken word over this area. I break the occult. In Jesus' name. And so, let these brothers go back and pull that dark hood of depression off their brothers and sisters head. And this is the strongest evil spirit working. There is depression, rejection, defeat, .anxiety and fear.

Let these here go back with the authority to break that off of others, and to pull the hood, get' em off their heads, so that they can plainly see. God's purpose shall now come forth in a new way starting nearly immediately. Starting in the time of Passover, when 'Jesus is going to pass over the body of Christ on beginning April the 1st, pass over our sins and cover them and bring us forth into a new light, a new heart, and a new way in Christ. And feel it...feel the healing coming on your hands, feel that stickiness? Got it? It's coming on all your hands? Let this power remain within, coming forth when they pray for their brother man. Let them go forth healing both spirit soul and body, in Jesus' name.

MARCH 12, 1999 PART 2

(recording starts in middle of sentence; he was talking about when we meet together)

" ...places and different times, and don't put to it to preach or teach or anything. Put it to come together to wait and praise. Got that? And He'll GIVE you His wisdom. Those who WAIT upon the Lord. Got 'er? Now there's prophesies over your area. And He's waiting for somebody to line up with them. And He will reveal the ancient you wait, of course. Got that?

So, when He starts moving upon you all's hearts, and it's time to let faith arise. And another word for faith, is obedience. And another word for humility is obedience. So, let faith and humility begin to work in your life, so that being obedient to what the revelation of the Lord tells you. Come together. Come empty headed. Keep your mouth shut. And let the Lord do the talking. You Got 'er? And He WILL. Sometimes it's surprising who He speaks through. But you'll know here, (Bob put his hand over his heart). For it'll burn right here when He speaks when you're waiting on Him. And THAT's what you can do.

(pointing to his head) "Keep This empty. Show up. Be on-time. Be empty-headed.    Got 'er? They're (ones that have) been there before, and they were pretty good praisers, have been there and other things. But they had an ambition to build something. HE WILL do the building. You do the loving and the praising. Got 'er?"

Israel Lopez